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This valuation tool has been specifically designed to determine a valuation for mid-market businesses ($1mil+ turnover). It isn't applicable for start-ups or micro businesses.

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How our business valuation tool works

We've developed this tool following years of experience and analysis.

The benefits of our business valuation tool

Management appraisal

Management appraisal

At no cost you can gain a high-level valuation report with advanced, experienced valuation logic. This is commonly used for establishing a baseline value so that business owners can make better managerial decisions.

Independent review

Independent review

Our platform is also capable of generating valuation reports with more precision, and when coupled with a formal review by one of our experts, can be used for a wider breadth of valuation purposes such as partnership changes and dispute.



Succession Plus has completed hundreds of formal valuations. If you're seeking a more holistic approach to obtaining a valuation and discovering what your business could be worth, our platform is an ideal starting point.

Ease of use

Ease of use

Your time is important. Obtain the information you need quickly and simply through a process that makes sense and collects all the required information holistically.

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This is a great tool. Easy to use and provided the exact reporting I needed to progress conversations around our business.

Tom Terry


I am happy to recommend Succession Plus as a company that recognises the value in business potential and is prepared to shoot for it.

Rodney Hyman


Why is it important to know the value of your business.

Knowing the value of your business at all times is critical to making good long-term decisions. Using our intelligent platform, you can easily take readily available documents and information and gain a strong sense of the value of your business.

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